Bacon & Stout

bacon and stout

Who need a witty introduction when you have these two superstars? Because if you’re not excited at the idea of a stout with bacon then I probably can’t convince you to be. But I hopefully don’t need to try. Go do this. Get a nice, balanced stout–not too sweet, and with a good minerality. A noticeable but not overpowering roast. As for the bacon: let’s get it straight. Not all bacon is created equal. Yes, maybe it’s all delicious, but there’s a real difference between your supermarket pre-cut, packaged slices and a bacon that’s made from happy pigs by happy butchers. If you can, check out some at your local farmer’s market or a small butcher shop. Or, make your own! It’s actually not as hard as it seems. I promise. 

Three Reasons This Pairing Works

bacon and beer

  1. The mild but present sweetness from the stout’s malt matches and balances the bacon, which is also has a sweet-ish flavor.
  2. Smoke and roasted malts are basically best friends. That’s all. Truth.
  3. The saltiness of the bacon brings forth the malt flavors really nicely. Salt can help do that! Plus, bonus: the creamy pork flavors make you want to continue sipping your beer, which helpfully cleanses the palate.


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