Belgian Dubbel & Pistachios

dubbel and nuts

Beer and nuts! A match made in heaven. You’re already quite familiar with the classic (dive bar) combination of shelled roasted peanuts and light lagers, so why don’t we branch out a little and incorporate more beer styles and more types of nuts? Today I have a nice Belgian Dubbel and roasted pistachios. Pistachios can be fairly sweet-oriented if left unroasted and unsalted–and are lovely for desserts or in bread, but to complement a slightly sweet beer I recommend a roasted and salted nut. 

Three Reasons Why This Pairing Worksdubbel and nuts from above

  1. Pistachios’ mild nutty flavors emphasize the caramel notes in the dubbel. This obviously can depend on what dubbel you’re drinking, because there’s a wide range of flavors within the style, but the depth of caramel and toasty flavors can really come alive with a little side of nutty.
  2. The light sweetness of the pistachio plays well with the sweetness of the dubbel as well–the two don’t cancel each other out–they showcase each other, actually, without masking. Nice!
  3. Dubbels can range from a hint of fruity esters and oxidation to being really quite raisin-y and punchy. These notes go great with pistachios–naturally, think of where else you see pistachios: with orange, with cranberry, with sultanas, with raisins. Many of those same qualities are often found in a variety of Belgian ales, especially those that have a timeline of rest and settling.

I encourage you to think outside the box! As always, find a pairing for things you enjoy and roll with it.

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