Light Lager & Cucumber Salad

lager and cucumbers

It’s hot out. If you’re feeling like me, you’re seeking the most refreshing, cool, and satisfying foods and drinks right now. To me this means a lot of things, but at the forefront of my desire is a light, crisp and refreshing lager, an uncomplicated but clean and bright flavor profile, nicely carbonated and cold. Cucumbers are in season and are lovely and watery, calming and cooling. There’s no need to complicate them with a crazy dressing–a dash of lemon, salt and fresh pepper is often enough, although a sprinkle of sugar and dill fronds are my favorite additions. It’s all about balancing here.

Three Reasons Why This Pairing Works

1. Like plus like: sharp and bright pilsner malt/lagered beer plus acidic and bright vegetable. No more than that.

2. Grassy notes of pilner malt go great with that same lemony vegetal flavor. You might even say they’re related.

3. The hop profile of most light lagers is typically modest but pointed: spicy and slightly earthy. Those flavors really enjoy being combined with black pepper and herbs, especially fresh dill.

Don’t just stop at cucumbers, friends–other additions can play well with light lagers. Stay cool out there, and stay hydrated. Beer is 90-96% water, don’t you know.

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