The Session Sessions: Da Shootz! American Pilsner

da shoots In this series I showcase craft beer under 5% ABV: because life is too short to just have one beer. All posts are uncompensated and opinions are my own.

What I’m drinking today

Da Shootz! American Pilsner is a 4% ABV lager brewed by Deschutes Brewing Co. It’s a very light-bodied beer with lemon-lime notes, a crisp finish and a refreshing carbonation level.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Indian food. Fried chicken. Picnic food. Tacos. Lunch. 

Try this beer if…

You want a bright refreshing beer to go alongside a plate of bold-flavored rich food or maybe just a brisk walk on the beach. 


I could certainly see quickly sipping a Da Shootz after a long bike ride in the sun or after a work day on my feet. It also makes for a nice beer to have around while cooking or cleaning the house!

Cheers! and have a beer (or two).