The Session Sessions: Georgetown’s Roger’s Pilsner

rogers pilsner

In this series I showcase craft beer under 5% ABV: because life is too short to just have one beer. All posts are uncompensated and opinions are my own.

What I’m drinking today

Georgetown Brewing’s Roger’s Pilsner is a 4.9% American pilsner made in Seattle, Wash. Brewed with Oregon-grown Sterling hops and a combination of pilsner and 2-row malts, it’s a great American interpretation of a classic German style beer. This is touchy territory for me, as I’m a dedicated pilsner fan and am often wary of American versions, but Roger’s works. The good brewing technique is evident.

Food Pairing Suggestions

roger's pilsner

Roast chicken, potato salad, spicy foods.

Try this beer if…

You want an easy-drinker with full flavor and mouthfeel, a nod to PNW-grown products.


Roger’s is a nice lunch beer, a great watching-sports-in-a-bar beer, or a fantastic just enjoy-in-the-sunshine beer.

Cheers! and have a beer (or two).